TON 618 is a very distant and extremely luminous quasar, located near the North Galactic Pole in the constellation Canes Venatici. It contains the most massive known black hole, with a mass of 66 billion M☉. It is large and exemplifies what this project is, hence the name, Project TON.

Project TON Creators


Project TON is a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) speaking black hole service. Essentially, we provide a real time, globally distributed list of bad actors on the internet. This allows users of Project TON to block unwanted, malicious or invalid traffic at the perimeter of their networks while taking the load off firewalls and internal security systems. Corporations, businesses, universities and end users are all invited to establish a BGP session with Project TON using the configuration examples provided.


You can email Project TON at contact at projectton dot com


Imperium Inc.
YYC Net Lab
Kelvin Tran


Blackhole (65535:666)

Prefixes tagged with this community have recently engaged in brute-force authentication attacks.

Country Coding (65535:3166, 3166:xxxx)

Country code prefixes can be used to selectively block traffic or permit traffic from one or more countries.

All country-coded prefixes have two communities:

  • [65535:3166] = the community tag to identify it as a Country-coded prefix
  • [3166:xxxx] = the community tag that identifies a particular country code

For the community [3166:xxxx], xxxx is the ISO-3166 country code. See:

CAUTION: All assigned prefixes should exist in the Country Coded community. Be very selective about how you use this list or you could block all traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?

We are currently seeking contributors, if you would like to get involved please contact us.

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